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TOP-40 Growth Twitter Hacks to make your website success! [Part 1]

By on Apr 18, 2017 in Growth Hacks

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Every medium you choose to spread the word in has its own rules. Though most of them are nonverbal and intuitive, you will get as much from the channel as you’re ready to do to successfully follow those rules. The same is about Twitter – it has its own intricacies, which can be unlocked by means of special Twitter hacks. Later on, in this article, I will show you how to get many followers on twitter hack if you join me on the way of exploring Twitter.

In this article, you won’t only dive into the world of Twitter secret roads but also look at it from the point of a growth hacker. For this, I have prepared the list of smart Twitter hacks that can help you gain real expertise in the Twitter world. In this article, I will teach you the most important hacks to start with. Moreover, this article is a part of the comprehensive Twitter guide. So, more articles are coming.

Twitter Hack №1: Engaging bio and visuals


These are three main steps to implement the first real Twitter hack:

1) Polish your bio

First things first. Don’t do anything until your bio is perfect. Take it as if it was your first introduction words to any person you meet. Think of the most important information you want to transmit and be associated with your business. Keep it brief and pointful. You don’t have too much space – only 160 characters. So appreciate and make use of any word you use.

2) Insert hashtags

Don’t forget about inserting Twitter hashtags into your bio. It will help people to find you when searching for someone from your industry. This is an easy and efficient way to drive more views to your profile.

3) take care of images

Take a look at your header and profile photos. Before uploading anything, take a look at their recommended proportions (1500x500 pixels and 400x400 accordingly) and make sure that size your photos match. If they don’t, take a time to fix it. The way your profile looks totally depends on the photos.

Don’t underestimate the look of your profile. Your introduction in bio, your header and profile photos – all of them matter when potential followers decide whether to follow you.

Twitter Hack №2: Quality of the audience is overall


Everything starts with the audience. So there’s nothing bad in wanting to know how to get many followers on Twitter hack. For instance, this one is going to teach you how to approach the issue of growing audience. Don’t put quantity on the top – focus on quality.

Your primary focus should be to grow Twitter followers on the basis of those who will most likely resonate with what your business can offer. There is no need to focus on everyone because only qualitative leads really matter. The rest ones will just pass by.

How to implement: create tweets that are relevant to the industry your business operates within. Of course, you can insert some entertaining stuff but make sure that it isn’t a majority of your overall content. Think about the content you share on social media channels in terms of knowledge you want to spread and be associated with.

Twitter Hack №3: Follow selectively

Here is one more smart Twitter hack about working with the Twitter audience. However, it takes a different direction from the previous one. The main point is that you can benefit not only from those who follow you but also from following other people. The secret is that some of those whom you pick to follow will follow you back. Sometimes even more – their followers also start following you.

Be selective when choosing whom to follow. Pick those who inspire you, who create content, which you would like to be the creator of, who take leading roles in the field that matches the type of your business. Don’t follow just successful people – follow those who operate in the same industry as you do.

Here is a short algorithm to dive in:

1) start by following up with 150 people

Find them by searching for related to your industry keywords and looking up the followers of your competitors. Learn more about competitor analysis and Twitter search in the following hacks (you can check the complete list of Twitter hacks here).

2) unfollow those who hasn’t followed you back

First what you need to do is to figure out who are those people who haven’t followed you back. Unfortunately, there’s no way to perform it on Twitter. But you can turn to a bunch of third-party tools, most of which are free. For example, unfollow tools like  ManageFlitter and Crowdfire.  

Twitter Hack №4: Benefit from your competitors


Run a small competitor analysis by examining Twitter followers lists of your competitors. They may also be interested in following you. However, it’s not the only thing you can get while monitoring your competitors. Analyze their content – whom they target, what kind of information they usually post, how often and when they post, etc. Therefore, you can get your lessons and improve your strategy.

Don’t follow your competitors but check their profiles from time to time. The issue of how to get many followers on Twitter Hack can be sold here by constant learning from your Twitter competitors. The way how they deal with social media channels can tell you a lot about their strategies.

Twitter Hack №5: Improve your Twitter search


The most common practice of searching for people to follow typing in related to your industry keywords. Therefore, you will get profiles that use matching hashtags and tweets where those Twitter hashtags were used.

However, you can go further and get more from Twitter search.

1) use search operators (take a look at the complete list on the image below).

With the help of search operators, you can efficiently narrow your search to the certain time, location, direction, even attitude, etc. Therefore, you will save your time and find what you are really looking for.

For example, by typing “-http” you can exclude links from search. Therefore, you will get only the profiles of people who are actively participating in Twitter community life – not just coming there to share their links.

2) don’t miss Twitter Advanced search functionality

To perform an advanced search, you can use either search operators or Twitter advanced search. The results may come up pretty similar with the only difference – advanced search is more convenient. Because you don’t need to keep in mind, specific operators. Instead, you can just fill the fields and push “Search” button. To learn more on how to use Twitter advanced search, visit this page.

Twitter Hack №6: Tweet when they are on Twitter


Before we dive into the art of tweeting itself, I want to give you one more smart Twitter hack, which will help you to leverage conditions of the medium. Tweet when your target audience is on Twitter.

In fact, different trusted sources come up with different data on when it’s better to post if you use Twitter for business. However, the most commonly recommended times for tweeting are on weekdays at 12 p.m, 3 p.m. 5 p.m, and 6 p.m.

If you don’t want to rely on the “average” data, I recommend you to find the best time for posting strictly relying on the habits of your target audience. For this, you can use Twitter analytics’ best time to tweet data. To get this data, use such tools like Hootsuite and Tweriod. Read more about Twitter analytics later in the articles that follow. (Check the complete list of hacks here).

Twitter Hack №7: Create engaging tweets


When you’re looking for the ways of how to get many followers on Twitter hack, you need to remember that whatever you’re doing you need to stay individual. Don’t try to copy those who succeeded – instead, figure out the lessons and leverage them in your own strategy. When it comes to creating tweets, you need to follow these smart Twitter tips:

1.Become a great storyteller

Your potential audience doesn’t want to read the same that they have read thousand of times. They need your story. They want to see your individuality behind every piece of your content.

2. Use hashtags

Using hashtags in your tweets means that you help people to find your content (when they are looking for the similar one).

3. Provide appealing visuals

Use images and videos when you tweet to increase engagement by 150% (and more) and get full advantage from Twitter use.

Twitter Hack №8: Use Twitter to find what to write about


Using Twitter for business means that all the time you’re looking for what people are interested in. In turn, you create something that reflects your brand and matches the needs of the audience. So here is one more smart Twitter tip on how to get many followers on Twitter hack: search Twitter by mentions.

1) search Twitter posts with the help of search operators and Twitter hashtags

2) use Twitter analytics tools to find out what people are talking about (take a look at Hootsuite, Mentionmapp, Warble)

3) leverage this knowledge to create content your prospects are looking for.


Twitter Hack №9: Overcome 140-character restrictions by means of screenshot


All too often you have much more to say than you can express in 140-character text. But it seems like Twitter doesn’t want you to. There’s a solution: first, write a text in any text editor, then make a screenshot and upload it on Twitter. This is how you can overcome limits. However, I need to warn you against creating every tweet in this way – balance out longer posts in the form of screenshots with the regular ones.

In the next few hacks, I will teach you how to get many followers on Twitter Hack with the help of different visuals.


Twitter Hack №10: Catch attention in few words


All the advertising is based on this: you create a catchy phrase with hardly any truth behind and make people click your link to find out more. It may not necessarily be a lie but a truth covered with a shade of mystification. People like secrets. What they like more is to reveal them. In the case of Twitter, it’s especially relevant as you don’t have enough place to attract people by means of information. Therefore, mastering the creation of catchy mysterious phrases may become your way out of Twitter limitations.    


Twitter Hack №11: Add images


With a set of hacks on using visuals, I want to help you to get an absolute maximum from Twitter use. You need to know that Twitter isn’t anymore just about short texts – it’s about spreading engagement by means of different content. I want to tell you one thing that you may not know about images: you can add up to 4 of them to each tweet. Just think how attractive your tweets can become if you take care of it! Keep pushing the image icon until you have all 4 images uploaded. Don’t worry your 140 characters won’t be affected.

By the way, you can also send images in direct messages, which may also help you to directly engage other people with your content.

Twitter Hack №12: Engage your audience with video


It’s the real possibility to tell people what you want in an interactive way and still save 140 characters. You can add to your tweet video of up to 30-minute duration. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? You can upload videos directly to Twitter or use third-party services like YouTube or Vimeo. Figure out what Twitter has to say about it here.


Twitter Hack №13: Add stickers to your images


When using Twitter app on iOS or Android (not available on the web), you can add stickers to your images for creating more engagement. Firstly, choose an image you want to add to your tweet. Then, touch sticker button and pick one of the stickers. Hold and drag the sticker to the place on the image you want it to be. Play with the size and place of sticker until you get it exactly as you want.  

Twitter Hack №14: Use your favorite emoji


Have you had a feeling that something is missed? Well, may because you haven’t had the possibility to use favorite emoji working in desktop mode. Fortunately, there is a shortcut that can bring you all emoji if you’re using Mac. Put the cursor where you want to place emoji and press the following combination: “Control + Command + Space”.


 Twitter Hack №15: Use numbers in your tweets


People are attracted by means of numbers and figures. Somehow they become an undoubtful proof of everything you state. Therefore, to earn credibility, try to insert as many numbers that can prove your words as you can. Moreover, try to use them in the headings – it will catch more attention of the audience.


Twitter Hack №16: Pin a tweet that is worth it


Some of your tweets may be especially good (for any reason – users’ reaction, the particular information you want to spread etc.) and, consequently, you want them to be seen by the majority of your audience. You can do it! Pick your favorite and pin it to your profile.

Twitter Hack №17: Optimize your interactions with Twitter by using shortcuts


Computers have shown us that humans are not efficient actually. And we are racing ourselves to speed up the working process as much as possible. Shortcuts turn out to be very useful for this task. Keyboard keys and their combinations can save you plenty of time. To find out which ones to use for specific tasks, press “?” from the home page. You will get a board like the one on the image below.

That’s it. Try to memorize the most frequently used ones. It will also save time. However, this menu is also accessible within a click so there is nothing to worry about if you forget anything.

Twitter Hack №18: Automate sharing content of influential people


This is one more Twitter retweet hack, which helps you to show that you appreciate someone’s content. Our world is based on mutual help. It’s virtual side isn’t an exception. You will definitely get your reward if you help somebody to spread the word. If you decide to try it by yourself, I recommend checking Hootsuite, Buffer, Triberr (in fact, there are much more options to check so feel free to explore available tools by yourself).


 Twitter Hack №19: Get complete profiles of other Twitter users


Start with the installation of 360social extension for Chrome, which is one of the most popular Twitter profile analyzers (however, you can use it not only for Twitter). Then, you will need to sign up with your Twitter account. When it’s ready you can start using it. Go to any social net (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin,  etc.), put the cursor on any profile-concerned information of any user and get his/her full profile in a pop-up window.  


Twitter Hack №20: Turn on Twitter messaging


You can connect your Twitter account with your smartphone. Therefore, you will be able to receive and manage Twitter notifications by means of SMS. A useful feature, which can also speed up your interactions with Twitter. Besides, it’s completely free of charge. Start here to learn more about possibilities.


In this article, I provide you with the basic hacks of how to start using Twitter for business. These hacks are your short ways to mastering Twitter use. Stay updated on the following articles, which will help you to go further and become an expert on Twitter. If you have any questions on how to get many followers on Twitter hack, feel free to ask.