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TOP-40 Growth Twitter Hacks to make your website success! [Part 2]

By on May 24, 2017 in Growth Hacks

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This is the second part of the comprehensive guide on Twitter hacks. If you have missed the first part, I recommend to start with it and come back after. In these articles, I’m showing how to get many followers on Twitter hack. Also, you can check and download the complete list of hacks here.


Hack 21: Get socialized


People usually come to social networks for the sake of promotion and can’t grasp why it isn’t working as they have expected. In fact, most of them are missing one key thing: they aren’t really involved in the life of social networks. They don’t participate in conversations, don’t help others and don’t ask for an advice. This is a big mistake, which can ruin all your efforts. If you want to know how to get many followers on Twitter hacks, don’t miss this key premise: act socially while you are in the network you want to get leads from.

While you are on Twitter don’t hesitate to follow people, like and retweet content. Be active if you want to get attention and be noticed by your expertise.

Hack 22: More tweets – more engagement


This one is just as easy as this: to get many followers on Twitter hack, you need to tweet a lot.  As you increase the number of tweets, engagement grows exponentially. By the way, I’m not talking about times per week you tweet but about times per day. Yes!


Hack 23: Use voice to tweet


Sometimes you try to do a lot of things at once to save more time. I know how it feels. That’s why I recommend you to try voice commands to tweet. If you are Apple user, you can ask Siri. In case if you favor Android, there is an app for such cases that is compatible with all devices. You will like it!


Hack 24: Spread promotional tweet among those who don’t follow you


There’s an extremely useful option to make create a tweet for those whom you want to become your followers. Definitely, you wouldn’t want it to be seen by your followers. Actually, you can hide it from them. It may sound strange but you can do it by means of creating Twitter ad campaign.

In Twitter ad section, you can start a new ad campaign. Among a range of setting you will see those that are responsible for the audience. Then, you will need to go to advanced options and exclude existing followers from targeting. That’s it.


Hack 25: Automate tweeting


The main law of efficient work states: automate everything you can. This is what you have to do with your social networks. The thing is that a lot of people get annoyed with the time they have to spend on the process of creating and publishing posts. You may be one of them. And it’s ok. You just need to do it differently.

The most popular time-saving practice is to dedicate some time to creation of the set of tweets beforehand and use automation tools to post each of them with a certain periodicity. There is a bunch of tools you can leverage for this task. Take a look at the following ones: Hootsuite (here is an explainer video), Buffer, TweetDeck. Also, check this article in Twitter business section about possibilities for scheduling posts available for Twitter business account.  

By the way, autoposting can help you to reach your audience at the right time. Check the first part of this guide to discover how to find the best time for posting.


Hack 26: Get the most out of Twitter use with analytics


You may not be aware of that but you don’t need Google Analytics to dig into the performance of your Twitter account. Instead, you can turn to Twitter analytics, which is accessible for free. Here it is. Just make sure that you’re signed in to Twitter.

Twitter analytics tools allow you to harness Twitter user statistic directly from your account without any additional expenses. The reason why it should work for you lies in the possibility to effectively examine the way people interact with your content and, therefore, to learn your lessons and improve your content. Don’t miss this option and track the way people react to your content on Twitter.  


Hack 27: Extract all of your tweets you have ever made


You are aware of your right to get information you’ve ever posted any moment you want.  You’re the author and your posts are your intellectual property. But you may not know how to do it actually. You can extract all your tweets by means of few clicks. Switch to your profile settings by clicking on the profile icon. There you will find an option “Request your archive”. It can take up to 2 days. So check your email from time to time. When you get an email, download archive from attached files. Here it is.  

Hack 28: Two ways to find topics and show your expertise

It’s okay to hesitate when picking a topic for the next post. Sometimes you have a lot of inspiration and thoughts, sometimes – not. However, instead of sitting and painfully inventing the ways of how to get many followers on Twitter hack, you can use another option. Turn to readers!

1) Go on Quora for the inspiration

Go there and search for questions around the field you are writing about. Pick few ones (the most engaging). Now you need to post them as separate tweets. To automate this, go to any autoposting tool (like Hootsuite, Buffer, etc.). Schedule post with the links to the questions for next few days and wait for the result. Then, take a look at the Twitter analytics: the one that earned three times more engagement from the audience is the one you need to write about.

2) Use FollowerWonk to find experts that work in the same field and create round up article

Pick some keywords that you usually use in your articles or you have been planning to use. Go to FollowerWonk and search for those keywords in the articles of the experts. Therefore, you will get the list of the most popular articles and their authors. Then, find contact information of the experts. Use contacts of the authors to send an e-mail, in which you ask to give their opinion on a particular question (about which you want to write a roundup post). After you get some responses, use them for writing roundup article. When it’s ready, send the link to all of those who answered you but don’t ask to share it. Be sure, your work will be rewarded!

By the way, you can use both ways together. Start with searching for a topic on Quora, posting links to questions and analyzing the feedback. Then, when you know the topic, go to FollowerWonk to find articles and experts. Send the email with the questions to the authors and, finally, create the roundup post with the help of their responses.

Hack 29: Spread Twitter shares across the web

It’s not that you can spread your tweets only within Twitter. If you didn’t know – you can share tweets on other social networks, blogging platforms, etc. Moreover, you can share your tweets or tweets of other people wherever HTML format is acceptable. Click on the arrow in the right upper corner of the tweet and choose “Embed Tweet”. You will get a pop-up window with an HTML code.

growth twitter hacks

Hack 30: Send direct message to the new followers


There is one more real Twitter hack, which you can implement to let your new followers know that you carry about them. It will help you to create a basis for further relationships with the followers. Send a direct message to your new followers. You can just greet them and share the links to your accounts on other platforms and social networks. Also, you can share link to particular content, which you want to spread. But of course, you won’t do it manually. Try the tools for automating the process (CrowdFire, Socialoomph, Holr)   


Hack 31: Handle Twitter Lists


1) search for lists that match your interests

You can’t do it directly from Twitter but you can use Google search. Go to Google and type into the search field: “ in url:” + keyword that represents the topic you’re looking for. Take a look at the example on the image below.

growth twitter hacks

2) Get Twitter lists you’re a member of

Go to your profile settings and click on the “Lists”. There you will see “Member of” tab. Getting to know the lists, to which people refer you, can help you to get a vision of an impression your content arises in your audience.


growth twitter hacks

Hack 32: Create your own Twitter list with email notification


Twitter lists can help you to gather experts in one place. Moreover, Twitter list can become a platform for sharing outstanding ideas and valuable advice. If you’re contemplating about how to create a list on twitter, check this wikihow tutorial – it’s a pretty straightforward thing. However, I have one more tip of using twitter for the business concerned with the lists.

To attract attention of people you add to a list and tell them about the idea behind the list, I recommend you to turn on email notifications. Don’t underestimate its power. Every time you add someone, he/she will receive an email about the list. Therefore, you get a chance to tell to present yourself.


Hack 33: Get rid of Twitter emails


In some cases, Twitter emails may be beneficial. However, sometimes it seems like you receive tons of them hardly reading any. If you do feel this, turn them off and find out whether you miss some information or not. In your profile settings, you will see “Email Notifications”. Just turn it off.

growth twitter hacks

Hack 34: Connect Twitter with the rest of your virtual life


The most common idea is that the more integrated all your networks, apps and platforms are – the more you can get from them spending less time. However, you may want some of your apps to stay away from Twitter and never try to access your Twitter account. To manage interactions between Twitter and the rest of your apps, go to “Settings and privacy”. On the left sidebar, you will see a bunch of options, one of which is called “Apps”. Go there and explore the connections. Press “Revoke access” to break the connection between your Twitter and an app.


Hack 35: Use Buffer and drive more traffic to your blog


This is how it works. You go to Buffer and schedule all your posts from blog to be published on Twitter. Then, you go to ifttt and create a recipe that sends the tweets back to Buffer. This is how you create a circle, which helps to vastly increase the number of visitors to your blog. In fact, automation tools are numerous. Some of them are mentioned in this guide (check the complete list of hacks here) , most of them – not. Don’t afraid to explore more by yourself.


Hack 36: Create lead generation cards


Lead Generation Cards help you to create a form for attracting leads and attach it to your tweet (check how it looks on the image below). It enables visitors to immediately send you their contact information in exchange for your content.

Go to Twitter Ads , open “Creatives”. You will see “Cards” there. This is what you need. Type in required information. When it’s ready, attach the form to the tweet and pin it to the top of your profile.

Taken from MOZ

Hack 37: Run A/B test


Analyze as much as you can – this is the main premise of success in the modern world. Because analysis drives improvement. When you have audience you can do a lot. Many things don’t even require profound knowledge – only your initiative and basic tools. The same is about A/B tests.

Try direct messaging for A/B testing. Send a message with one content to a half of your followers and another message with slightly modified content to the rest of the audience. Then track the results with the help of analytical tools. You will see which of the approaches yields more engagement.


Hack 38: Use multiple ways to share content on Twitter


Do you know that you can share the same link and don’t be spammy? Here are things you can take from your blog article: title, quote, upgrade, question to trigger discussion. Compare each of them with the link to the article and post in separate tweets. Again, you can use autoposting tools to release yourself from generic work.


Hack 39: Post different content on weekdays and weekends


Your content on weekends may differ from the content you post on weekdays. The reason is that people are open to different information depending on whether they have to work or not. Try to use more leisure-like information on weekends. If you doubt it, try A/B testing.


Hack 40: Get more high-quality leads


Here is one more retweet hack. First, use such tools like Buzzsumo and FollowerWonk to find influencers in your field. Then, follow up 1000 of them each day to get 25% of follow-backs. The latter you can also do with the help of automation tools like SocialQuant.



All the hacks you have learned in this guide are about getting the most out of Twitter use by means of effective interaction with Twitter. I have already mentioned this and I will do it again: it’s not an ultimate list of Twitter hacks – just those that have proved their relevance. You may come with the new smart Twitter hacks and solutions of how to promote your business on Twitter. Feel free to contact me and share your thoughts and ideas.