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TOP-40 Growth Twitter Hacks to make your website success! [Part 2]

By on May 24, 2017 in Growth Hacks

This is the second part of the comprehensive guide on Twitter hacks. If you have missed the first part, I recommend to start with it and come back after. In these articles, I’m showing how to get many followers on Twitter hack. Also, you can check and download the compl read more

TOP-40 Growth Twitter Hacks to make your website success! [Part 1]

By on Apr 18, 2017 in Growth Hacks

Every medium you choose to spread the word in has its own rules. Though most of them are nonverbal and intuitive, you will get as much from the channel as you’re ready to do to successfully follow those rules. The same is about Twitter – it has its own intricacies read more

What is the difference between Growth Hacking and Funnel Optimization?

By on Feb 28, 2017 in Growth Hacks

Nowadays we have a lot of terms around that we don’t understand in a profound and clear way. The reason is that they are constantly emerging. New specialists are arriving in the field and reinventing the approaches and the tools. Of course, it’s impossible to know just everything but if it’s happening in your field understanding of modern trends can become crucial for your success.     Growth hacking is a relatively new animal in the business marketing ecosystem. Nevertheless, it has already proved that its emergence was inevitable regarding the rapidly increasing range of tools and approaches. Indeed, growth hacking evolved as a field on the intersection of the tools marketers, project managers, and SEOs have been using. The most prominent reason for why it happened and why it was inevitable is the inefficiency of the conventional approaches. In the modern times of crowded...

Three main strategies for creating sustainable growth

By on Jan 13, 2017 in Growth Hacks

Most of those who are at the beginning of creating growth hacking strategy for their business are looking for quick hacks. They look through the Internet to find out how other people do it with the hope that some of that would work for them. There’s no mistake in such behavior. Growth hacking is difficult. At least when you at the entrance. However, what I would advise isn’t only to look for examples but to learn how to see similar patterns behind the scope of them. The reason why I want to draw your attention to the patterns is simple. They are nothing but rules that often work in the background without being formulated and put somewhere in verbal form. The number of such rules is changing dynamically as the alignment of forces in the world of marketing and growth hacking is a highly unstable thing. However, it’s always essential to be able to grasp the relevant one. This is what we...

How marketing traction will help to grow your business?

By on Jan 10, 2017 in Growth Hacks

Marketing tools always play an extremely important role in the life cycle of the product. And it’s clear to everybody, right? However, current times in marketing are no more about going out in the field with just a huge devotion to the spreading word about the product and randomly picking up everything that has worked for others. Unfortunately, today we cannot allow ourselves such level of freedom unless we want to fail. Poor selectivity when building successful growth strategy should be strongly discouraged for all the actors of the process of production. Therefore, before deciding on whether to perform one or another action, it’s highly recommended to pass it through the filters of efficiency and relevancy. Which filter? Well, I’m sure you know as the best one has always been the same – careful research of the field. Of course, research is something that would never let you...

Three stages which help to grow startup

By on Jan 5, 2017 in Growth Hacks

While running a startup, there has always been a difficult question about how to measure its evolution. Let’s say you have been doing well with your product setting goals and achieving them. Maybe you have even developed your own growth hacks and successfully applied them.   But what’s next? Do you need to keep moving the same way or is there something else you might switch to? To address these issues correctly you need to understand where you are now.     Let’s take standard model of startup growth and find out why it makes sense.   Here we have three stages: Traction, Transition, and Growth. But these words hardly give you any intuition about your startup’s state. Think about them in motion starting with the first steps in the market when you are to create a long-lasting impression.   Your primary focus might be an increase of retention rate. While exploring...